Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The eighteenth video, microwave

This part involves inspecting the tags. When this video was release, it was as simpe as viewing them under the video. Now, you have to do a little something extra. Here's the hint: even though you can't see it anymore, the information is still there. How do you view something that is in the page, but is not in the visible section of the page?

View page source. (highlight to view)

the tags are  "thisisnottom, in, between, subscribe for updates, and, microwaves, you, find?" (highlight to view)

After inspection,you will see several keywords. These words point to a Youtube channel that is popular for having videos of microwaves. It actually required you to view the background image of the channel.


But since this was four years ago (2009), they have obviously changed their background image and moved on from TINT. If you want me to email you the solution, just comment below with your email address. Make sure to shadow it. For example: name[a t ] yahoo.com instead of name@yahoo.com


June 2016 update: I've actually forgotten that I ran this website. After seeing all the comments, I'm going to find the solution to this (I mean, re find it) and then update it here. Be patient guys!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The seventeenth video, lady, arabic

I printed the screen, and used that image of the lady in a reverse image search engine called "tineye"

search for "tineye" here

It turns out to be an Iranian singer, Mahasti. You can go about reading her wikipedia page when in fact only one thing is important, her Date of Death. She died on the 25th of June 2007.

in 2007, the Brotherhood 2.0, where John and Hank posted videos daily, was active. There's video uploaded on that same exact date.

Here it is:

In the TINT video, LOOK AT THE TAGS, and find what you think it is in the vlogbrothers video.

the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/thesubtleknife (highlight to expose)

"you're 80 and 'cross' over 25"

the image's name is i80
you should get a wiki page

find what corresponds to 25

the "which means urine" actually means "which means YOU'RE IN?"

so where is that 25 in?

the answer is cheyennewyoming (highlight to expose)

the alphabets in the picture are in reverse order
but that doesn't matter

the letters below are coded with a cipher called the 'Caesar cipher' which is a substitution of a letter which shift the entire set of aphabet downwards-upwards. google it to know more.


copy the text and use ^ to decipher
scroll through each of the option because the neat part is,unlike normal ciphers where one key can decipher all, in this, one key deciphers one word while leaving the rest scrambled, so jot down the deciphered words

the deciphered text is " name of the actor that played cypher in the matrix" (highlight to expose)

but if you still cant -_____- drop a call for help in the chatbox

Below, a personal message from me:

Hello fellow TINT addicts and fellow Nerdfighters!

For those of you have enjoyed this website, I've launched a blog that has everything that I do in it.

I write on a variety of things, including but not limited to: how I made money by making silly noises with my mouth, how perfection actually sucks, and also backpacking lessons I gained from travelling alone in Sri Lanka.

Here is a screenshot of the site that I've invested a lot of time in building.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The sixteenth video, waves

There's an image on screen that distorts the waves
Figure out what it is
It may help if you click HD
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/shark (highlight to expose)

Yikes, it's all black <--clue and this is the first time it has been like that the picture is of a hockey player first black hockey player the asnwer is willieoree (highlight to expose)

frogs with tails
answer is strangeness (highlight to expose)

Below, a personal message from me:
Hello fellow TINT addicts and fellow Nerdfighters!

For those of you have enjoyed this website, I've launched a blog that has everything that I do in it.

I write on a variety of things, including but not limited to: how I made money by making silly noises with my mouth, how perfection actually sucks, and also backpacking lessons I gained from travelling alone in Sri Lanka.

Here is a screenshot of the site that I've invested a lot of time in building.

Click here to read a 1-minute article that I recently wrote. You might like it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The fifteenth video, knock knock

this one is simple, and you can screw up
it's a knock knock joke
and what you see is a tank
knock knock, thank who?
no punctuation in the answer
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/yourewelcome (highlight to expose)

read the source code
there's a link
i got this one by luck
i typed in the first thing that i saw
which is the background code
add gray.css to the end of the url
the code/answer is "

looking at the freecell page on wikipedia will help you
look at the url it's x/times
this is a math puzzle
all of the 3 pages make up ' x time y plus z'
you got find what the numbers are
add the answer to the end of the url
the answer is -23647 (highlight to expose)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bald Kid

Beforehand, you will be disappointed
now to the point
the bald kid
the address is www.thisisnottom.com/thisisnottom/

which makes you think if we were supposed to go there before we went to the words page
there are numbers at the bottom of the page

google these numbers, and it's the very first result
please refrain from hitting yourself in the head

the picture, bald kid, flexing his arms, the title is strongs.jpg
reminds you of samson eyh?

ok i dont know much about this religious stuff
but on the title it says judge 16
and if you search the numbers, it's in verse 22
so it's judge16:22 <---- the answer

go ahead and look where you're now
cmon go

you're back at the words page
if you have any theories, leave a comment

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The fourteenth video, tags

commonality: tags
look at the tags of the video
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/thisisnottom/dotcom (highlight to expose)

you see words
look at the page source
the image is named wordsdotjpg.jpg
change it to words.jpg and you get lines
the underlined words are "sodium in a big mac"
you have to find how much sodium is in a big mac
the answer is 1040 (highlight to expose)

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Thirteenth video, surprisingly easy

Note the pattern
What's missing and is 8 letters?
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/heptagon (highlight to expose)

The second one, just copy and paste it into google search
if you still can't find it, god help you.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The twelth video, clocks video

The numbers are 316 and 1330
Google them SEPARATELY and look for a commonality from both the google pages
Look carefully as it is not in the title
the answer is http://thisisnottom.com/knss (higlight to expose)

hoho this next one is hard to explain
try your best first , and if you volunteer to give me the text explanation , please do
the answer is 2000.40 (highlight to expose)

picture says 3 E
look at the URL , it says Efive
any guitar players out there?
then look at the source code , there's Gee Five
and the look at the title of the of the pic
so, 3 E becomes C 5 (change the letter to number , vice versa)
you will get the chords for a nirvana song
though chords may differ as different people have different opinions on the sound
the song/answer is dumb (highlight to expose)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The eleventh video, garden

There is a hidden character in every picture
Clue : Looney Tunes Character
The character is marvin the martian (highlight to expose)
Then there is the dice roll.
Monopoly .
Combine the character and the theme of the picture, and you will get the name of a property on Monopoly.
Count 8 spaces from there
The answer is www.thisisnottom.com/parkplace (highlight to expose)

Aha, another road sign, that explains the dejavu in the url
Decipher the letters and you will get this sign resides in a country president (highlight to expose)

You have to know what language the sign is
Google the identifiable words
The answer is karolospapoulias (highlight to expose)

Man with cell phone.
Google the numbers below the pic and you will be on a twitter account.

on the twitter account there are posts from 3 users
you need to find a commonality between them
it's a group
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/parkplace/freemasons (highlight to expose)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tenth video, side portrait

At 0:27, you will see a small dot flash at a part of his ear
You need to find what that part is called
The answer is www.thisisnottom.com/tragus (highlight to expose)

Now you'll arrive at a picture of a peacock
Hrmm, ambiguous?
Well look at the url
it says oneofthree
where's the rest of em?
you must be an utter idiot if you don't know what to do next
the next step is to look at these pictures : www.thisisnottom.com/twoofthree and www.thisisnottom.com/threeofthree (highlight to expose)

Now you have the pieces, use google if you don't already know
the answer is the name of a game
the answer is clue (highligh to expose)

Then you will see a picture of a pagoda and chinese characters on the bottom right side
There are names at the bottom; Lu Meng, Wen Pin, Zhang Cheng
The Chinese characters aren't essential
You need to find a similarity between the names
It's between Lu Meng and Zhang Cheng
use wikipedia
the answer is 178 (highlight to expose)

you've reached the current end

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The ninth video, valdez

what the hell is he doing?
(answer that)
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/exxonvaldez (highlight to expose)

you will see a test screen for ntsc
i got this one by typing in all the colour
you try
the answer is blue (higlight to expose)

the next page involves a sinusoidal graph
someone please explain what that is to me
i saved the picture and connected all the letters
start at the capital T (things are capitalized for a reason)
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/chaptertwooneone (highlight to expose)

that's it so far

The eighth video, wheezywaiter

in this video, take him literally
chewingonaburger, youtube
you are looking for another video
look in the related videos column
this is the second video

the things that he says in this videos are sequences
you can get the numbers by referring to a list which you get from downloadin
fallforautumndistro's build-a-blog
it is a name of a sequence
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/fibonacci (highlight to expose)

then you will be on a page with another video with wheezy waiter
inside, shakespeare's soliloquy is recited and eminem is mentioned
find a relationship between them
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/fibonacci/renegade (highlight to expose)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The seventh video

Note something changes in the video
a text
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/bizarre (highlight to expose)

now you see a pic of the hand structure
there is a missing bone , missing as in not named
it's the trapezoid
and then there is a background pic
figure out a way to see it
it's a pic of 3 forks
google the words "trapezoid three forks"
and you will get the name of the album
the answer is the remaining words of the album
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/bizarre/ofcheat (highlight to expose)

then you get a pic
to lazy to explain
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/bizarre/ofcheat/liftoff (highlight to expose)

The sixth video

the video zooms into something
not the video
but an element of the page
the background image
there's a text
find out what it says
then use wikipedia
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/131450 (highlight to expose)

now you are on a page that has the image of a piano scale
the notes are D E A D E D
dead ed, you need to find a pianist who is dead and whose name is ed
it's not edward
the answer is edvardgrieg (highlight to expose)

now you are on a page with the image of a US politician
check the source code
it says tester
google, and you will know it's jon tester
migrating inside, is an anagram
figure out what it is
then answer it
use wikipedia
the answer is seven (highlight to expose)

The fifth video

in this video, you are looking for a phrase
think of a synonym for lollipop
and note the time at when the lollipop appears
the answer is the name of the person that the phrase is accredited to
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/ptbarnum (highlight to expose)

you will be on a page of the grave of fitzgerald
the truth, in this picture, something is altered
you can search on flickr to spot the difference
the answer is 1896 (highlight to expose)

next you are on the same picture
but this time you need to figure out something else
bad fences...."bad fences make good neoighbours"
so you need to find who is besides his grave
search flcikr
the answer is michaelfitzgerald (highlight to expose)

you have reached the end

The fourth video

in this video, it's a sequence of something
a game
and the answer is the name of the company that made the game
if you're old enough, you'll know what game it is
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/konami (highlight to expose)

then you'll be on a page with the pic of a herring
there is a code on that page
and that page means the colour red
so it's red herring
wiki it
the ad is your clue
read it out loud
again and again
the next step is to email nottom at findme@thisisnottom.com (highlight to expose)

then you will get a set of lines
note the number of words in each line
also, use the correct extension which is php
and include the first answer
so it looks like this - www.thisisnottom.com/firstanswer/secondsanswer.php
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/konami/goldenratio.php (highlight to expose)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The third video

You have to find a similarity with these videos
Think time stamp
the answer is http://www.thisisnottom.com/340/(highlight to expose)

there is a sign, just google it, it's the most obvious thing
the letters at the bottom are clues, comment if you want explanation

the answer is alaska (highlight to expose)

now you get a picture with a porcupine
the answer is listentoit (higlight to expose)

you've reached 1.4.1

Second Youtube Video

so the numbers in parenthisis represents lettters
the answer is http://www.thisisnottom.com/j8603800.mp3(highlight to expose)

now you got the phrase, wiki it
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/arran (higlight to expose)

you've reached 1.3.1 =)
follow me to get updated

Friday, April 17, 2009

First Youtube Video

the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/hamburg (highlight to expose)

then you will get a page with the founders of youtube
it leads to this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3sjIdkbOsk
there is a comment there
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/hamburg/woyzeck.php (highlight to expose)

then you will get a spectrum
the answer is negativeone (highlight to expose)

you've reached the current end

Friday, April 10, 2009

The sixth one, chalkboard

Look at the image's name, it says geoclass, meaning geography.
Solve the math problems and you will get numbers. 1-4 and 5-8 are longitude and latitude.
Input them somewhere into a site like google maps.


You should see an image of a crop circle of a famous drawing. The name of the drawing is the answer.

The asnwer is vitruvianman  (highlight to expose)

After you've reached 1.1, go to the youtube channel.

The fifth one, george washinton

look at the url
and who's in the picture? george washington.
the Kbiquad bit is there to throw you off, his name is george washington.

If you google "george washington annuit" together, you will get the location of a place

The answer is dayton (highlight to expose)

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the fourth one , dear zed poem

You'll find these in the page source;

no spaces, all lower-case, no puntuation, as usual
you'll find in this world, most things are capitalized for a reason
i said, "behave nick."

Think acronyms.
i said, "behave nick" has the acronym ISBN. What does that remind you of? Books. About capitalizations, usually after ISBN there are numbers, so obviously you would now require numbers, with the help of the poem.
Note the capitalized words. The first two letters of capitalized words represent numbers. Si= Six, Ei= Eight
You will find that the code is "ISBN 0061238600"
Google the code.

You need to know who the book was dedicated for. If you read books , you'd know that they usually write
"for blablabla" somewhere on the first few pages of the book. So, go search the book. Don't have the book? http://www.harpercollins.com allows you to read the first few pages books. GO now.
The answer is mymotherandfather (highlight to expose)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

the third one

Click on the '>>' sign to browse through all images. Notice also the url of the pages.
All the three pictures have url's that spells out 'write it here' so write the answer in the html
The three men in the pictures are Phil Hoffman, Steve Martin and meatloaf, google their name and you will find the title of a movie, write the name of the movie into the url, no spaces, remember to add the '.php'.
e.g 'http://thisisnottom.com/thedarkknight.php'

the answer is leapoffaith (highlight to expose)

The second piece of Thisisnottom online riddle

They are not tom.

If you're not American or have no knowledge of past music groups, look at the name of the image.

If you still can't figure it out, they are the Beastie Boys.

The words beneath the text are lyrics to one of their songs, it's basically a rephrase which sounds more intellectual. You have to figure out the synonyms for the words.

Find a thesaurus online to rephrase the words, use the search below.

Once you've found the title of the song, type it in.
The answer is paulrevere (highlight to expose)

Notpron not enough? Then this is the brain teaser that you are looking for.

Thisisnottom (also as this is not tom), otherwise known as TINT is an interactive story and free online riddle written by Hank Green and originally created by Alex Basalyga.
TINT can be compared to the likes of the notpron online logic puzzle.
This is definitely a brain teaser, so much more than just an online riddle. In this blog I will provide you with the walk through for when your brain is out of juice.
The riddle starts at the site at http://www.thisisnottom.com/

Below is the walk through for the first piece of the whole TINT puzzle.

The very first riddle.
A sentence is located beneath the picture.

The quck brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

What's missing here? 
(b = bee )

Time to click around. 

if you're still clueless, the solution is to click on his right eye (highlight to expose)

Follow to stay updated on this interactive online riddle!

Author's Note: Hello everyone! For those of you have enjoyed this website, I've launched my personal blog that has everything that I do in it. 
Aside from being obsessed about TINT, I also do other things! Shocker! 
Some of you might really like it. 
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