Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The fourth video

in this video, it's a sequence of something
a game
and the answer is the name of the company that made the game
if you're old enough, you'll know what game it is
the answer is (highlight to expose)

then you'll be on a page with the pic of a herring
there is a code on that page
and that page means the colour red
so it's red herring
wiki it
the ad is your clue
read it out loud
again and again
the next step is to email nottom at (highlight to expose)

then you will get a set of lines
note the number of words in each line
also, use the correct extension which is php
and include the first answer
so it looks like this -
the answer is (highlight to expose)


  1. i figured out this video in a matter of minutes...but i am confused about the clupea picture...

  2. .....ok i find this one very confusing.....anyone got anything??

  3. Okay, it says we are supposed to email the email address on the page? email what exactly?