Monday, May 25, 2009

The twelth video, clocks video

The numbers are 316 and 1330
Google them SEPARATELY and look for a commonality from both the google pages
Look carefully as it is not in the title
the answer is (higlight to expose)

hoho this next one is hard to explain
try your best first , and if you volunteer to give me the text explanation , please do
the answer is 2000.40 (highlight to expose)

picture says 3 E
look at the URL , it says Efive
any guitar players out there?
then look at the source code , there's Gee Five
and the look at the title of the of the pic
so, 3 E becomes C 5 (change the letter to number , vice versa)
you will get the chords for a nirvana song
though chords may differ as different people have different opinions on the sound
the song/answer is dumb (highlight to expose)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The eleventh video, garden

There is a hidden character in every picture
Clue : Looney Tunes Character
The character is marvin the martian (highlight to expose)
Then there is the dice roll.
Monopoly .
Combine the character and the theme of the picture, and you will get the name of a property on Monopoly.
Count 8 spaces from there
The answer is (highlight to expose)

Aha, another road sign, that explains the dejavu in the url
Decipher the letters and you will get this sign resides in a country president (highlight to expose)

You have to know what language the sign is
Google the identifiable words
The answer is karolospapoulias (highlight to expose)

Man with cell phone.
Google the numbers below the pic and you will be on a twitter account.

on the twitter account there are posts from 3 users
you need to find a commonality between them
it's a group
the answer is (highlight to expose)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tenth video, side portrait

At 0:27, you will see a small dot flash at a part of his ear
You need to find what that part is called
The answer is (highlight to expose)

Now you'll arrive at a picture of a peacock
Hrmm, ambiguous?
Well look at the url
it says oneofthree
where's the rest of em?
you must be an utter idiot if you don't know what to do next
the next step is to look at these pictures : and (highlight to expose)

Now you have the pieces, use google if you don't already know
the answer is the name of a game
the answer is clue (highligh to expose)

Then you will see a picture of a pagoda and chinese characters on the bottom right side
There are names at the bottom; Lu Meng, Wen Pin, Zhang Cheng
The Chinese characters aren't essential
You need to find a similarity between the names
It's between Lu Meng and Zhang Cheng
use wikipedia
the answer is 178 (highlight to expose)

you've reached the current end

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The ninth video, valdez

what the hell is he doing?
(answer that)
the answer is (highlight to expose)

you will see a test screen for ntsc
i got this one by typing in all the colour
you try
the answer is blue (higlight to expose)

the next page involves a sinusoidal graph
someone please explain what that is to me
i saved the picture and connected all the letters
start at the capital T (things are capitalized for a reason)
the answer is (highlight to expose)

that's it so far

The eighth video, wheezywaiter

in this video, take him literally
chewingonaburger, youtube
you are looking for another video
look in the related videos column
this is the second video

the things that he says in this videos are sequences
you can get the numbers by referring to a list which you get from downloadin
fallforautumndistro's build-a-blog
it is a name of a sequence
the answer is (highlight to expose)

then you will be on a page with another video with wheezy waiter
inside, shakespeare's soliloquy is recited and eminem is mentioned
find a relationship between them
the answer is (highlight to expose)