Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The eleventh video, garden

There is a hidden character in every picture
Clue : Looney Tunes Character
The character is marvin the martian (highlight to expose)
Then there is the dice roll.
Monopoly .
Combine the character and the theme of the picture, and you will get the name of a property on Monopoly.
Count 8 spaces from there
The answer is www.thisisnottom.com/parkplace (highlight to expose)

Aha, another road sign, that explains the dejavu in the url
Decipher the letters and you will get this sign resides in a country president (highlight to expose)

You have to know what language the sign is
Google the identifiable words
The answer is karolospapoulias (highlight to expose)

Man with cell phone.
Google the numbers below the pic and you will be on a twitter account.

on the twitter account there are posts from 3 users
you need to find a commonality between them
it's a group
the answer is www.thisisnottom.com/parkplace/freemasons (highlight to expose)

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