Monday, May 25, 2009

The twelth video, clocks video

The numbers are 316 and 1330
Google them SEPARATELY and look for a commonality from both the google pages
Look carefully as it is not in the title
the answer is (higlight to expose)

hoho this next one is hard to explain
try your best first , and if you volunteer to give me the text explanation , please do
the answer is 2000.40 (highlight to expose)

picture says 3 E
look at the URL , it says Efive
any guitar players out there?
then look at the source code , there's Gee Five
and the look at the title of the of the pic
so, 3 E becomes C 5 (change the letter to number , vice versa)
you will get the chords for a nirvana song
though chords may differ as different people have different opinions on the sound
the song/answer is dumb (highlight to expose)

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  1. For the math riddle, here is a hint. Frank's grandfather must have paid over 50 dollars, or else a $50 bill would cover it. So the change has to be less than fifty. Make the largest amount of money you can, under fifty dollars.