Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The eighteenth video, microwave

This part involves inspecting the tags. When this video was release, it was as simpe as viewing them under the video. Now, you have to do a little something extra. Here's the hint: even though you can't see it anymore, the information is still there. How do you view something that is in the page, but is not in the visible section of the page?

View page source. (highlight to view)

the tags are  "thisisnottom, in, between, subscribe for updates, and, microwaves, you, find?" (highlight to view)

After inspection,you will see several keywords. These words point to a Youtube channel that is popular for having videos of microwaves. It actually required you to view the background image of the channel.


But since this was four years ago (2009), they have obviously changed their background image and moved on from TINT. If you want me to email you the solution, just comment below with your email address. Make sure to shadow it. For example: name[a t ] yahoo.com instead of name@yahoo.com


June 2016 update: I've actually forgotten that I ran this website. After seeing all the comments, I'm going to find the solution to this (I mean, re find it) and then update it here. Be patient guys!