Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The seventh video

Note something changes in the video
a text
the answer is (highlight to expose)

now you see a pic of the hand structure
there is a missing bone , missing as in not named
it's the trapezoid
and then there is a background pic
figure out a way to see it
it's a pic of 3 forks
google the words "trapezoid three forks"
and you will get the name of the album
the answer is the remaining words of the album
the answer is (highlight to expose)

then you get a pic
to lazy to explain
the answer is (highlight to expose)

The sixth video

the video zooms into something
not the video
but an element of the page
the background image
there's a text
find out what it says
then use wikipedia
the answer is (highlight to expose)

now you are on a page that has the image of a piano scale
the notes are D E A D E D
dead ed, you need to find a pianist who is dead and whose name is ed
it's not edward
the answer is edvardgrieg (highlight to expose)

now you are on a page with the image of a US politician
check the source code
it says tester
google, and you will know it's jon tester
migrating inside, is an anagram
figure out what it is
then answer it
use wikipedia
the answer is seven (highlight to expose)

The fifth video

in this video, you are looking for a phrase
think of a synonym for lollipop
and note the time at when the lollipop appears
the answer is the name of the person that the phrase is accredited to
the answer is (highlight to expose)

you will be on a page of the grave of fitzgerald
the truth, in this picture, something is altered
you can search on flickr to spot the difference
the answer is 1896 (highlight to expose)

next you are on the same picture
but this time you need to figure out something else
bad fences...."bad fences make good neoighbours"
so you need to find who is besides his grave
search flcikr
the answer is michaelfitzgerald (highlight to expose)

you have reached the end

The fourth video

in this video, it's a sequence of something
a game
and the answer is the name of the company that made the game
if you're old enough, you'll know what game it is
the answer is (highlight to expose)

then you'll be on a page with the pic of a herring
there is a code on that page
and that page means the colour red
so it's red herring
wiki it
the ad is your clue
read it out loud
again and again
the next step is to email nottom at (highlight to expose)

then you will get a set of lines
note the number of words in each line
also, use the correct extension which is php
and include the first answer
so it looks like this -
the answer is (highlight to expose)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The third video

You have to find a similarity with these videos
Think time stamp
the answer is to expose)

there is a sign, just google it, it's the most obvious thing
the letters at the bottom are clues, comment if you want explanation

the answer is alaska (highlight to expose)

now you get a picture with a porcupine
the answer is listentoit (higlight to expose)

you've reached 1.4.1

Second Youtube Video

so the numbers in parenthisis represents lettters
the answer is to expose)

now you got the phrase, wiki it
the answer is (higlight to expose)

you've reached 1.3.1 =)
follow me to get updated

Friday, April 17, 2009

First Youtube Video

the answer is (highlight to expose)

then you will get a page with the founders of youtube
it leads to this video
there is a comment there
the answer is (highlight to expose)

then you will get a spectrum
the answer is negativeone (highlight to expose)

you've reached the current end

Friday, April 10, 2009

The sixth one, chalkboard

Look at the image's name, it says geoclass, meaning geography.
Solve the math problems and you will get numbers. 1-4 and 5-8 are longitude and latitude.
Input them somewhere into a site like google maps.

You should see an image of a crop circle of a famous drawing. The name of the drawing is the answer.

The asnwer is vitruvianman  (highlight to expose)

After you've reached 1.1, go to the youtube channel.

The fifth one, george washinton

look at the url
and who's in the picture? george washington.
the Kbiquad bit is there to throw you off, his name is george washington.

If you google "george washington annuit" together, you will get the location of a place

The answer is dayton (highlight to expose)

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the fourth one , dear zed poem

You'll find these in the page source;

no spaces, all lower-case, no puntuation, as usual
you'll find in this world, most things are capitalized for a reason
i said, "behave nick."

Think acronyms.
i said, "behave nick" has the acronym ISBN. What does that remind you of? Books. About capitalizations, usually after ISBN there are numbers, so obviously you would now require numbers, with the help of the poem.
Note the capitalized words. The first two letters of capitalized words represent numbers. Si= Six, Ei= Eight
You will find that the code is "ISBN 0061238600"
Google the code.

You need to know who the book was dedicated for. If you read books , you'd know that they usually write
"for blablabla" somewhere on the first few pages of the book. So, go search the book. Don't have the book? allows you to read the first few pages books. GO now.
The answer is mymotherandfather (highlight to expose)