Friday, June 19, 2009

The fifteenth video, knock knock

this one is simple, and you can screw up
it's a knock knock joke
and what you see is a tank
knock knock, thank who?
no punctuation in the answer
the answer is (highlight to expose)

read the source code
there's a link
i got this one by luck
i typed in the first thing that i saw
which is the background code
add gray.css to the end of the url
the code/answer is "

looking at the freecell page on wikipedia will help you
look at the url it's x/times
this is a math puzzle
all of the 3 pages make up ' x time y plus z'
you got find what the numbers are
add the answer to the end of the url
the answer is -23647 (highlight to expose)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bald Kid

Beforehand, you will be disappointed
now to the point
the bald kid
the address is

which makes you think if we were supposed to go there before we went to the words page
there are numbers at the bottom of the page

google these numbers, and it's the very first result
please refrain from hitting yourself in the head

the picture, bald kid, flexing his arms, the title is strongs.jpg
reminds you of samson eyh?

ok i dont know much about this religious stuff
but on the title it says judge 16
and if you search the numbers, it's in verse 22
so it's judge16:22 <---- the answer

go ahead and look where you're now
cmon go

you're back at the words page
if you have any theories, leave a comment

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The fourteenth video, tags

commonality: tags
look at the tags of the video
the answer is (highlight to expose)

you see words
look at the page source
the image is named wordsdotjpg.jpg
change it to words.jpg and you get lines
the underlined words are "sodium in a big mac"
you have to find how much sodium is in a big mac
the answer is 1040 (highlight to expose)

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Thirteenth video, surprisingly easy

Note the pattern
What's missing and is 8 letters?
the answer is (highlight to expose)

The second one, just copy and paste it into google search
if you still can't find it, god help you.