Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The third video

You have to find a similarity with these videos
Think time stamp
the answer is http://www.thisisnottom.com/340/(highlight to expose)

there is a sign, just google it, it's the most obvious thing
the letters at the bottom are clues, comment if you want explanation

the answer is alaska (highlight to expose)

now you get a picture with a porcupine
the answer is listentoit (higlight to expose)

you've reached 1.4.1


  1. whatt???
    how does the porcupine clue work????

  2. This may seem dumb, but how exactly do I Google the stats in the sign? I can't just type "thorne bay 58 mi 93 km hollis 80 mi 129 km el capitan 13 mi 21 km".