Sunday, March 8, 2009

Notpron not enough? Then this is the brain teaser that you are looking for.

Thisisnottom (also as this is not tom), otherwise known as TINT is an interactive story and free online riddle written by Hank Green and originally created by Alex Basalyga.
TINT can be compared to the likes of the notpron online logic puzzle.
This is definitely a brain teaser, so much more than just an online riddle. In this blog I will provide you with the walk through for when your brain is out of juice.
The riddle starts at the site at

Below is the walk through for the first piece of the whole TINT puzzle.

The very first riddle.
A sentence is located beneath the picture.

The quck brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

What's missing here? 
(b = bee )

Time to click around. 

if you're still clueless, the solution is to click on his right eye (highlight to expose)

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