Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The seventeenth video, lady, arabic

I printed the screen, and used that image of the lady in a reverse image search engine called "tineye"

search for "tineye" here

It turns out to be an Iranian singer, Mahasti. You can go about reading her wikipedia page when in fact only one thing is important, her Date of Death. She died on the 25th of June 2007.

in 2007, the Brotherhood 2.0, where John and Hank posted videos daily, was active. There's video uploaded on that same exact date.

Here it is:

In the TINT video, LOOK AT THE TAGS, and find what you think it is in the vlogbrothers video.

the answer is (highlight to expose)

"you're 80 and 'cross' over 25"

the image's name is i80
you should get a wiki page

find what corresponds to 25

the "which means urine" actually means "which means YOU'RE IN?"

so where is that 25 in?

the answer is cheyennewyoming (highlight to expose)

the alphabets in the picture are in reverse order
but that doesn't matter

the letters below are coded with a cipher called the 'Caesar cipher' which is a substitution of a letter which shift the entire set of aphabet downwards-upwards. google it to know more.

copy the text and use ^ to decipher
scroll through each of the option because the neat part is,unlike normal ciphers where one key can decipher all, in this, one key deciphers one word while leaving the rest scrambled, so jot down the deciphered words

the deciphered text is " name of the actor that played cypher in the matrix" (highlight to expose)

but if you still cant -_____- drop a call for help in the chatbox

Below, a personal message from me:

Hello fellow TINT addicts and fellow Nerdfighters!

For those of you have enjoyed this website, I've launched a blog that has everything that I do in it.

I write on a variety of things, including but not limited to: how I made money by making silly noises with my mouth, how perfection actually sucks, and also backpacking lessons I gained from travelling alone in Sri Lanka.

Here is a screenshot of the site that I've invested a lot of time in building.

Click here to read a 1-minute article that I recently wrote. You might like it!

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